Home for the Holidays

Imagine… it’s the perfect snow day or lazy afternoon during winter break for the kids; the snow is blissfully falling outside as you sip your hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire. This typical holiday scene is almost always too good to be true, often interrupted by frantic children or the electricity going out. But you still crave that moment of winter serenity where you can finally enjoy the beauty of the holiday season. Here are a few simple ways to enjoy peace this winter.

Winter Wonderland – Create your own winter wonderland in your home to keep your kids’ imagination flowing and entertained. Snow days are the perfect time to build forts with bed sheets and read books by flashlight.

Christmas Lights – Prepare beforehand, for snowstorms and blizzards by keeping extra water bottles, batteries, and blankets around the house. Early preparation can make that disastrous power outage all the less stressful.

Frosty the Snowman – …Should stay outside! All too often our floors become sopping wet with melted snow from snow boots trekking across the hallway. Invest in a shoe and coat rack and keep them, and the wet boots and coats, in your garage in order to prevent unnecessary mopping after shoveling and frolicking outside.

Chestnuts roasting – Whether by an open fire or you are decorating gingerbread houses, cooking and baking are the perfect holiday activities to keep you and your family’s faces smiling and your stomach’s full.

Whatever activities you choose to do this winter, we hope that it brings happiness and joy to you and your family!

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A Family of 5 – BelleVue Story

Justin and Noelle Weaver lived in Crafton outside of the City of Pittsburgh with there two son’s Carson (8), Logan (6) and daughter Brooklyn (2), for over 10 years. Their daughter Brooklyn was born with an undersized airway and a cleft in her esophagus that prevented her from keeping food and liquids out of her lungs. After a failure to thrive diagnosis at 6 months old, chronic illness, two surgeries by 18 months, and therapy to correct throat-related development and feeding delays, the Weaver’s started to look for a home close to Justin’s parents living in Cranberry, who frequently supported the family during Brooklyn’s hospital visits and illnesses. Living in Crafton the family home was close to the city, on a street with young families, near a community park, shopping, and was walking distance to the elementary school, the public Library and restaurants. Getting a home in suburbia with similar characteristics didn’t seem possible until they stumbled on Belle Vue Park while searching for homes near parks, shopping, and the Library. After searching pre-owned and new home developments Noelle and Justin found the best-fit floor plan and housing plan was Belle Vue Park. “It was a God-sent miracle when Michele Fausnacht called and told us lot 84 was off reservation and was available!,” Noelle recalls, “After looking for 6 months, we had given up on finding something we both agreed on and that lot offered us the unique Williamsburg home plan we wanted with the yard we wanted, and the ability to add a third car garage. It was as close to perfect as we were going to get!” Noelle and Justin have enjoyed their kids playing soccer and deck hockey at Graham Park along with the close connection to Haine Elementary school functions and the Cranberry Library. Noelle tells everyone, “We are all looking forward to using the pool this summer, meeting neighbors– watching the last of the new homes go up, and sitting out on our beautiful porch in warmer weather!” Noelle and Justin feel very blessed to be in Belle Vue Park having the custom home they wanted, tailored to fit their family in a location close to family, with great neighbors, in a lovely community with many families with young children. Noelle and Justin are both employed at Michael Baker International. Justin is a Registered Architect and Noelle is an NCIDQ Certified Commercial Designer. Their current projects include Michael Baker International’s corporate office relocation to the Penthouse suite of BNY Mellon and large overseas projects for the Army Corps of Engineers, Middle Eastern District in Saudi Arabia.

How Weaver Homes is Giving Back

With the holiday season approaching, it is no surprise that giving back is on our minds. While we’re consumed with how to give thanks to those we know and love, we sometimes overlook the concept of giving back to strangers.  There are actually many ways to give back your time, talents and treasures this holiday season. Choosing just one to do with your family can make a world of difference.

Soup Kitchen – Whether you are donating your own canned food or signing up to help serve a dinner, your local soup kitchen could always use assistance around the holidays!

Toy Drive – Donating to a toy drive, usually in the local school district or outside of toy stores, guarantees that children less fortunate will be able to open gifts this holiday season. Have your kids choose a toy they’d enjoy and share with them the importance of giving to other children in need.

Coat Drive – We all have massive coats overtaking our closets and now is the perfect time to clean them out and donate them to the homeless to make sure they keep warm in the winter.

Gift Exchange – Rather than asking Santa for something on your list this Christmas, consider asking for donations to an organization you’re passionate about instead.

Volunteering and giving back during the holiday season is not only easy, but fun, too! While you are donating your time and treasures, you are actually receiving a much more meaningful gift.

These are only a small number of ways you can give back over the holidays. Here are some of the local charities and organizations that Weaver Homes is involved with:

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