5 Reasons to Love Living in Butler County, PA

Butler County, PA is a peaceful suburban region with lush green landscapes, quaint towns for shopping and dining, and plenty of outdoor recreation located just outside of Pittsburgh.  Whether you’re thinking of relocating here to find a peaceful retreat after an accomplished career, to be closer to family, or to further your career at any one of the large corporations based in the city, Butler County is a place you’re sure to love. Here are our top five reasons to love living in Butler County, PA!

Reasons to Live in Butler County

Quiet Suburbs Close to Big City Action

Butler County is located just north of Pittsburgh, about an hour’s drive from downtown. While many residents move to the area for the peaceful suburban lifestyle, it’s easy and quick to get into town via I-79 or US-8 to enjoy all the culture and entertainment of the big city. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States – April 28, 2011: PNC Park stadium at North Shore district.

Golfing Galore

If golfing is your thing, you will love living in Butler County! Choose from a number of private or public golf courses spread throughout the county, from tree-lined to rugged and hilly. Some of the more popular are Cranberry Highlands Golf Club, Treesdale Golf and Country Club, Rittswood Golf Course, and Suncrest Golf & Grille.

Local Dining & Shopping

For the times you want to stay close to home and still have a great day or evening on the town, Butler County does not disappoint! Whether it’s a world-class meal, breweries, an eclectic winery, or down home local burgers and barbecue, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. And for shopping and entertainment, visit Cranberry Township, Zelienople, or the towns of Harmony or Butler for the day and enjoy some retail therapy. 

Outdoor Recreation

From hiking and mountain biking to hunting and fishing, if you love the great outdoors, Butler County delivers! The county is home to one of Pennsylvania’s largest state parks – Moraine State Park – which covers over 16,000 acres and features Lake Arthur, trails with stunning views, and beaches! Western Pennsylvania is lush and green, and there are a plethora of other state parks and nature preserves that showcase the area’s beauty and offer ample opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. A few to check out are Allegheny River, Connoquenessing Creek, and Slippery Rock Creek.

Big Business

Pittsburgh is home to many large U.S. corporations as well as international businesses in a variety of industries including banking, food processing, steel, heavy manufactured goods, and pharmaceuticals. Newer industries like energy and tech have helped to stimulate economic growth in the city over the last few years and add new jobs to the market. For those still in the workforce and considering a move to the Pittsburgh area, Butler County offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle, brand new homes, and plenty to do just outside the city. 

If you are moving to Butler County and interested in buying a new home, we invite you to have a personal tour of any of the new home communities in Western PA. We build in Mars, Valencia, Zelienople, Harmony, and Cranberry Township, and can’t wait to welcome you home!

5 Benefits of Single Level Living

At Weaver Homes, we’ve mastered the art of stylish, single-level living. All of the homes in our Lifestyle Communities feature spacious, thoughtfully-designed interiors, oversized bedrooms and baths, extra space for storage, and covered sunrooms or verandas to comfortably enjoy fresh air. They offer 2 or 3 bedrooms, plenty of open space, abundant natural light, and a level of comfort you won’t believe. You’ll wish you’d switched to single level living years ago!

5 Benefits of a Single-Level Home

1) Easier to navigate. The biggest attraction of one-story homes is the fact that everything you need is on one floor — no stairs required. This makes it easier to deal with physical challenges, like arthritis or achy joints, and nighttime trips to the kitchen.  No more dreading when you’ve left something in another room!

2) Safer. Falling down the steps, or let’s face it even making it up steps at any age is a big concern. Single-level living means no worries about you, your grandkids, or pets tumbling down steps and getting hurt. And no need to haul laundry, suitcases, or anything else up and down stairs. 

3) Open space and natural light. Our one-story homes include lots of open living space. Rooms have vaulted ceilings, plenty of windows, and flow easily into one another – without a staircase cutting into the space or narrow hallways to navigate.

4) Easy to clean. Vacuums are heavy – especially if you’re lugging them up the stairs. And no one wants to spend money on TWO vacuums! If you live on a single floor, it’s so much easier to go from one end of the house to the other with a vacuum, dust mop, or any other cleaning tool. 

5) Everyday life. No stairs and zero step entries mean that you can move easily from the garage to the mudroom to the living areas with shopping bags, suitcases, boxes – and not worry about tripping or dropping things down the steps.

If you are interested in single-level, lifestyle communities in the Pittsburgh area, Weaver Homes has communities you’re sure to love! 

Heritage Crossing | Sarver, PA – Selling Fast!

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The Villas at Spring Valley | Zelienople, PA – The Lifestyle You Deserve!

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Give us a call at 724-609-5261 or schedule a personal appointment to learn how much better life can be in a new single level home!

5 Quick Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer, with its glorious sunshine, vacations to the beach, and long, lazy afternoons is in full effect in the Pittsburgh area! But before you head out for that day or weekend trip, there are a few routine things you need to do during the summer to keep your home fresh, cool and functional for this and the upcoming season. Take an afternoon and check these items off your to-do list, then you’ll feel even more relaxed on your next getaway!

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

1) Clean gutters and downspouts. Before the leaves start falling again in September, it’s best to clean all gutters and downspouts to make sure water is flowing freely away from your home. Pooling water will cause foundation issues, and clogged gutters can cause rotting eaves, which leaves your attic vulnerable to infestation.

2) Wash windows and replace screens. Sometimes you don’t realize how dirty the outside of your windows can get until you wash them! Also, check and replace any damaged window screens. One of the best parts of summer is opening the windows to let in a cool night time breeze. Make sure nothing unwanted gets in by inspecting window and door screens for holes or ill fits. 

3) Spruce up your yard. Besides cutting the grass, it can be easy to forget about things you need to do to maintain your yard. Make sure there’s no standing water where mosquitoes may breed, and cut back any overgrown shrubbery for the same reason. Cut dead branches off of trees to keep them healthy and insect free, and inspect the grass and perimeter for any red ant piles that might go unseen by running children or pets. 

4) Change the batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Both alarms should be tested monthly, but you should replace the batteries on smoke alarms once a year, and on carbon monoxide alarms every six months. 

5) Reverse ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are such great inventions; they circulate warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer! All you have to do is make sure the blades are spinning counterclockwise during the warm months. You’ll likely need a ladder to reach the tiny switch on the side of the fan above the blades, but what a difference it makes! 

A new home is always easier to care for than a used home, but there are always a few things to do each season to keep your home comfortable and safe. To learn how easy it is to maintain a new home in Western PA, contact us at 724-609-5261.

Relax… Your new dream home is covered.

One of the biggest advantages of owning a new Weaver home is our industry-best warranty program — and our warranty department. What does that mean to you? 

We build with high quality materials and maintain a high level of workmanship in order to provide each homeowner with the best warranty, and the very best home. And we take great pride in our service after the sale of your home. Not only are things less likely to need adjusting, but if they do need adjusting because of unforeseen problems — every home is covered. We truly believe this makes us unique and contributes to our high level of customer satisfaction. 

Every Weaver Homes home buyer receives a Post-Closing Warranty Review manual that details everything that is covered, instructions for how to submit a warranty request, and more. Here are some of the highlights!

Weaver Homes’ Warranty Program

  • Pre-Occupancy Orientation. Prior to closing, we schedule a “pre-occupancy orientation” for you and the Project Manager who supervised construction of your home. The Project Manager walks through your home using our Pre-Occupancy Orientation Form as a guideline. Items in need of correction are listed on this form, and the Project Manager is responsible for correcting all items. The Project Manager works with the Warranty Department to track the completion of any items from the Pre-Occupancy Orientation. 
  • 45-Day Warranty Meeting. Like any new building, your new home requires a breaking-in period, during which time you may discover items in need of repair or adjustment. Please accumulate all such items and submit them on a 45-Day Service Request Form. Our Warranty Manager will call you to schedule a visit. The Warranty Manager is responsible for directing the completion of these items within 2 weeks after the 45-Day Warranty meeting,
  • One-Year Warranty Meeting. The Weaver Homes Limited Warranty continues for a period of 12 months from your closing date. Just submit a One Year Service Request Form list by a specific date to give us time to review the list and set up a meeting at your home prior to your warranty expiration date. Our Warranty Manager will call you to schedule a visit. The Warranty Manager is responsible for directing the completion of these items within 2 weeks after the One Year Warranty meeting.
  • Emergency Service. In the event of an emergency, please call the appropriate subcontractor listed in your manual. Before calling, though, consult the guidelines in your manual to ensure that you have an actual emergency. 

We want every homeowner to experience the joy of living in a Weaver home, with peace of mind included. For more information about our homes and our warranties, contact us.

Outdoor Activities in our Lifestyle Communities

We know that natural light and the outdoors are great for overall health, but did you know that the benefits are specific and measurable? Vitamin D that your body makes from natural sunlight is crucial to maintain bone density, fight depression, improve sleeping habits, and keep a number of inflammatory diseases at bay. And the best part? It doesn’t matter if you get your sunlight indoors or out. 

That’s why at Weaver Homes, we design our homes with large, double-hung, energy-efficient windows that allow for maximum sunlight and fresh air flow. Biophilic design, as it is called, encourages the use of natural elements such as plants, water, air and sunlight inside of spaces to improve quality of life. We keep this design philosophy top-of-mind as we create homes and lifestyle communities for our residents to be healthy, happy and thrive.

Not only are the interiors of our homes open, airy and bright, we make sure you have access to beautiful, safe outdoor spaces, too. Multiple studies suggest that one of the key indicators of longevity is access to green space. Time spent outdoors improves physical, mental and social well-being. 

At Weaver Homes, we’ve long understood the importance of nature and access to the great outdoors. All of our communities include a variety of shared outdoor living spaces – pools, walking trails, and clubhouse patios – plus private outdoor courtyards when it’s time to relax, unwind, or share cozy family moments. And our homeowners enjoy plenty of benefits from their time spent outdoors! 

Enjoying the Outdoors in Our Active Adult Communities

  • Physical benefits. Physical activity such as walking is good for joint flexibility, strengthening muscles, and the cardiovascular system. Spending time outdoors (i.e. walking, gardening or swimming) can lower the inflammation levels associated with hypertension, autoimmune diseases and depression. Living near green spaces has also been shown to lower the prevalence of certain diseases, while lowering mortality rates, too! 
  • Mental benefits. Physical activity that takes place in a natural setting improves the memory, increases cognitive function, and has a restorative effect overall. Thirty minutes or more of gardening, or even just looking up at the trees from your private courtyard, can have a significant effect on moods, stress levels, and mental health. 
  • Socialization benefits. Social encounters that occur during physical activity have a positive effect as well. They create a sense of community, and lessen any feeling of isolation. Walking in groups, playing cards by the pool, and tending a garden are all great for exercising the mind and body, while providing vital interpersonal connections. 

Residents of Weaver Homes active adult communities in West PA enjoy all of these advantages, plus so many others. With a focus on healthy spaces – both indoors and out – Weaver Homes are naturally designed to improve your quality of life for years to come. Visit our lifestyle communities: The Villas at Spring Valley in Zelienople, Scenic Ridge in Harmony, Millcreek Farms in Valencia, and Heritage Crossing in Sarver.