Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Pennsylvania Homeowners

In Western Pennsylvania, there are things we do every fall to keep our homes operating at peak efficiency during the long winter months. Weaver Homes has years of experience building superior-quality homes, and as the cold weather approaches, we have recommendations for some of the key tasks you’ll want to tackle before the snow flies.  

Prepare a Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

As summer fades, you’re just a few weekends away from getting your home and yard into shape for the winter. What’s the big deal about fall maintenance? Winter in Pennsylvania means cold temperatures, ice and snow, and damaging wind gusts. In short, the ideal conditions for leaking roofs, frozen pipes and treacherous sidewalks. 

Doing just a few maintenance chores can save you money while keeping your home in good repair. The best way to make sure everything is covered is to make a fall home maintenance checklist, figuring out what needs to be done before the leaves start to fall. Do you have a sturdy leaf rake? Or are you team leaf blower? Are you going to clean your gutters or hire someone? Once you compile your checklist, you’ll be able to create a game plan. Let’s go! 

fall maintenance checklist

What are Some Fall Home Maintenance Tips?

One of the most important fall home maintenance tips is to plan ahead! Nothing is worse than turning on the heat on the first chilly morning, only to realize the furnace needs a check-up. And don’t even think about starting a fire if the chimney hasn’t been examined and cleaned. These chores are ideal tasks for the summer months when you aren’t using the heat or fireplace. 

Okay, so let’s take a look at how to prepare your home for fall: 


sketch of man raking leaves for fall maintenance

  • Collect and clean summer tools. Make sure to use up all of the gas in the lawn mower. Store everything. Then prep fall & winter tools: Rakes and leaf blowers, snow shovels, snow blower, ice scrapers and salt. 
  • Clean the gutters. (Or have them cleaned by a professional.) This task is especially crucial because of freezing and thawing. Have the roof checked for cracked or loose shingles, too. 
  • Check for gaps around windows, ripped screens or damaged siding. Seal gaps and cracks around with weather-stripping and caulk. 
  • Turn off all outside water and sprinklers. Close any shut-off valves, then open the outside faucet to drain the line. Empty all hoses, too.
  • Check deck and porch boards. Loose or warped boards are hazardous. Check stairs and railings for stability. Damaged walkways, drives or steps can be dangerous when the weather turns icy. Fixing problems now can prevent expensive headaches later
  • Power wash your home’s exterior, driveway, walkway, patio, porch or deck. 
  • Clean and put away or cover patio furniture, grills, and kids’ toys. Make sure every part of the grill is cleaned thoroughly of burned food and grease before it is covered and put away. 
  • Cut dead or damaged trees and shrubs away from your home, especially if snowfall will cause them to bend and rub against the house. 
  • Remove fallen leaves from the lawn so they don’t damage the grass. If you don’t want or need them, bag the leaves. If you can use them, chop them up with your lawn mower to create mulch.
  • Scatter grass seed and plant bulbs. This is the perfect opportunity to plan for next spring! 


sketch of indoor fireplace

  • Have the furnace inspected by a professional. Replace all filters. Do this BEFORE it gets cold! 
  • Get the chimney cleaned. Make sure all fireplaces or wood stoves are thoroughly inspected. Order and stack firewood. 
  • Check for drafts around windows and doors. The caulking and weather stripping in newer homes should be examined, too.  
  • Make sure the dryer vents are clean. Static electricity builds up in the cold, dry months, and can cause dryer linkt to catch fire. 
  • Test all smoke/CO detectors. Change the batteries if necessary. 
  • Get an emergency kit ready. Include basic items you may need: water, flashlights and batteries, a first aid kit, whistles to signal for help, jumper cables, basic tools, a manual can opener, a small supply of food, radio, candles, lighter, blankets and rope.

Stay Prepared for Fall & Winter in Pennsylvania

We all know what winter can be like here in Pittsburgh. Performing these important fall maintenance tasks can prevent costly repairs and help your Weaver home and belongings survive our tough Pennsylvania winters. 

For more information about Weaver Homes, contact our team of experts. (We live here, too, so we’ll probably be raking leaves right along with you!) 

Which Is Right: Building New or Renovating?

If you are a homeowner and you’re finding that your existing living space just doesn’t work anymore, you may be asking yourself: Should I do a gut renovation of my current home to suit my changing needs, or start fresh and build new

Of course, at Weaver Homes, we believe that building new is almost always the right answer, but we also know that there are situations where a renovation is a family’s best option. In this article, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of each. In the end, if you decide that building new in 2022 is right for you, then connect with us; we’d be honored to be your home builder!

Building New

A new home looks great, works perfectly, and even smells good, but it has even more going for it than meets the eye. 


  • More Control — You’ll have more control over your project, from the design and layout to how it flows and functions. 
  • All-New Everything — We’re talking about what’s in the walls — insulation, wiring, plumbing, and systems. 
  • Up to Code — Everything in your home will meet or exceed existing building codes — no retrofitting involved.
  • Streamlined Process — Once your design plans are set, sit back and let the process unfold.
  • Fixed Cost — Once selections are made, there’s no danger of going over budget. 
  • Built-in Resale Value — New homes are built to appeal to a wide audience, so it’s easier to sell years from now if necessary; the value is already built in.


  • More Expensive — A new build may be perceived as more expensive than a gut renovation; but this is actually a misconception! When you build new, you get to decide up front exactly what your costs are and that doesn’t always mean more money. 
  • Longer Timeframe — This is another misconception. Most of the time, the renovation takes longer than anticipated.


If you’re in a neighborhood that you love or absolutely must stay in (for the school district or to be close to family, for example), doing a gut renovation of your existing home may be the best choice. Our best advice is to plan ahead, prepare for the unexpected, and over-budget, since renovation projects are notoriously unpredictable. But there are a few pros, too.


    • Add Value to Your Home — If done properly, a gut renovation can add to your existing home value. But you have to be very careful not to spend more than your home’s max value.
    • Perceived Shorter Timeframe — Small renovations can be done in a short time frame, but gutting and rebuilding takes much longer than anyone anticipates. Just ask anyone who has ever done it!
  • No Moving — Stay in the neighborhood without having to relocate.



    • Less Control — There are more design restrictions because you’re bound by the size and structure of your existing house.
    • Unpredictable — You can never be sure what you’ll run into once you start tearing down  walls and ripping up flooring.
    • Costlier Than Expected — The older the building, the more costly it is to renovate, because you’ll need to bring everything up to code. There may even be mitigation work required if there is lead paint or asbestos involved. 
    • Inconvenient — You may need to move out of the home or lose access to an important room for a time, such as the kitchen or a bathroom.
    • Overwhelming — If the homeowner assumes the role of Project Manager and is managing the process and contractors, it can get overwhelming very quickly.
    • May Not Add Value — The renovation may not always translate to increased home value, especially if the design is too personal or the use too niche.
  • Easy to go over budget — According to the 2020 U.S. Houzz & Home Study: Renovation Trends, one-third of renovations go over budget. 


At the end of the day, you’ll make the decision that’s best for you and your family. And if that decision is to build a new home in Greater Pittsburgh that’s personalized to your unique lifestyle, Weaver Homes is ready to offer you a home designed to your heart’s content! Contact us to learn more about our building process and customizable features. 

How To Create Curb Appeal in Your New Home

When we drive through a new neighborhood, we expect each home to have a distinctive look that tells us a little something about the family who lives there. It’s called “curb appeal,” and to us here at Weaver Homes, it adds a little something extra to our charming new home communities in Greater Pittsburgh

You know great curb appeal when you see it. The house looks balanced, interesting, and well-kept. The exterior and landscaping are neat and clean, reflecting positively on the owners, indicating that they take pride in their property. And there are some personal touches that add personality and style. 

Plus, homes with great curb appeal sell for about 7% more than similar houses with drab exteriors, if you ever need to move. Overall, high curb appeal makes a community a beautiful place to live, and who doesn’t want that? 

There are a few secrets to great curb appeal, though. Here are just a few ways you can add a personal touch and curb appeal to your new Weaver Home.


Thoughtful Landscaping

Your landscape is an extension of your unique personality and style, which is why we offer a variety of bedlines, shrub packs, plant sizes and types to add a special touch to your new home. Your front yard is beautiful from the start, and over time it will mature to add even more curb appeal to your home. 


Colorful Accessories

Bringing beauty to your doorstep is a cinch. A container garden is a quick and affordable way to brighten things up. Not a fan of flowers? Try foliage plants. Just plant something low-maintenance so that they thrive even if you forget to water them. (Dead plants definitely hurt curb appeal!) Choose pots and plants that complement the colors and style of your home.


A Comfy Seating Area

If you have the space, a classic rocking chair, a bench or a cafe set can be a welcoming addition to your front entry. Create a quiet spot for people watching or a place that beckons visitors to pull up a chair and stay awhile. Even a small chair or a little table on your porch can serve as a resting station between inside and out. 


If you’re searching for a new home in Pittsburgh with built-in curb appeal, we’d love for you to come visit any of our communities. Please contact us to schedule a personal tour! 

Tips to Choose the Right New Home Floorplan

One of the most exciting times in your life can be choosing to build a new home. Here at Weaver Homes, we know that choosing the right floorplan depends on how you use your home and how it fits with your lifestyle. From the size and shape, to where the rooms are located in relation to each other, every part of the home can affect your experience, so knowing what you really want is crucial. Here are five tips for choosing the right home for your lifestyle.


1) Figure out what size of home will best suit your needs. 

Choosing a floor plan should start with how large a home you need to fit your lifestyle. How many bedrooms and bathrooms are enough for you and visiting guests? How many garage bays do you need? Are you downsizing or expecting to expand your family? Think about the space you wish you had (or don’t need) now and prioritize your most important needs.


2) Choose a floor plan based on your lifestyle.  

Lifestyles and family needs differ depending on what stage of life you are in. Before choosing a floor plan, ask yourself: 


  • Is your family situation changing, either growing or shrinking?
  • Will you need guest rooms for overnight visitors, or additional living space for visiting parents or grandchildren? 
  • Are you approaching retirement? Should you choose a plan that’s great for aging in place?
  • How do you entertain guests? Do you want formal spaces or relaxed get-togethers? 
  • Do the kids need an additional play space?

3) Trust your instincts on what “feels” right when choosing a floor plan.

All of us know when a space feels comfortable. Take these instincts into consideration when looking at different floor plans. Someone with children may want the primary bedroom up with the other bedrooms. Others might prefer for the primary bedroom to be downstairs, separated from the other bedrooms. 


4) Don’t forget workspace considerations.

Are you working from home more these days, or even full-time? Do you have any hobbies or special interests that might require special rooms to enjoy them? Do you need lots of attic or storage space to store your treasures? 

Answering these questions honestly will ensure that you choose the right floor plan for your lifestyle now and into the future. If you need any guidance or suggestions, our new home specialists are here to help! Please give us a call at 724-248-1729 or schedule a personal tour of our models today.

6 Spring Cleaning Hacks for a Fresh Home this Season

Step outside and take a breath of fresh, clean air — spring has arrived in Greater Pittsburgh! If you’ve bought a new Weaver home recently, what better way to celebrate the season of new beginnings than by freshening it up? From your window sills to your pillows, small changes can make a big difference in the overall feel of your living space.

This season, take a few moments to refresh your beautiful home to welcome the best time of year.


Spring Cleaning Hacks for 2022


  1. Welcome Home: You’ve wiped your shoes clean of dirt and mud for an entire year on your outdoor welcome mat. Give it a major spruce-up by hosing it down and letting it air-dry, taking care to hose off or scrub the area underneath it. Another effective way of stopping dirt in its tracks (no pun intended) is to use a mat on the inside of your door as well. If you already have one, vacuum both sides of it to really get the dirt out for a new season of visitors.


  1. Dust It Off: Even the most simple of tasks can make a big impact. Dusting off the often-forgotten surfaces of your home — like window sills, blinds, fan blades, and the top of the fridge — can give your entire home a clean aura and feel. With a cloth, store-bought duster, or dusting gloves (our favorite!) get around hard-to-reach places like coffee maker nooks, picture frames, and vases.


  1. Scrub it Out: Believe it not, your trash can needs some cleaning love, too! Although this might not sound like the most fun chore, it’s amazing how much fresher your kitchen can look and smell once the trash can is scrubbed clean. Take your empty can outside, give it a squirt of liquid dish soap and water, scrub it with a long-handled brush, and voila! The smells are long gone and it’ll look good as new. 


  1. Bedding Beauty: The place you go to for ultimate relaxation, your bed is one of the most special parts of your home. Refresh this space by switching out thicker, winter sheets and pillow cases for spring ones. Not to mention, a new look — like a light-colored duvet or spring-themed pillows — creates an entirely fresh vibe. Take care to wash duvet covers, give your mattress a quick spray of disinfectant, and rotate your mattress so that the springs remain even and comfortable all year long.


  1. Flower Power: The most prominent sign of spring, fresh flowers make this season so lovable. Whether in your primary bedroom, guest bathroom, living room, or kitchen, sweet-smelling flowers like lilacs, tulips, and daffodils make your home feel fresh, light, and beautiful. If fresh flowers make your nose itch, replace them with scented candles, potpourri in dishes, or scented oil diffusers to enjoy the fresh scents of spring.


  1. Gut Your Garage: It’s easy to let the things in your garage pile up, but it’s difficult to clean it all up… With the start of spring officially here, make it a point to tackle the garage! After sorting items into piles (keep, donate, sell, recycle), do a little dusting, sweeping, and hosing down, and it’ll be as good as new in no time. 


There’s nothing as sweet as springtime scents and a little bit of sunshine! This season, make sure your Weaver home feels just as fresh as the day you bought it. We can’t wait to see how you spruce up your home. From all of us at Weaver Homes, have a happy and refreshing spring!

Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Home

Now that it’s winter and you’re enjoying more time indoors, you may notice that you could use a little more organization throughout your home. If 2021 brought an abundance of extra things into your living space, then 2022 is all about getting rid of what you don’t need — and keeping the things that serve a purpose in your daily life.


At Weaver Homes, we believe that 2022 is your time to enjoy your moments at home without the stress of unnecessary clutter. Finally, with a fresh, new home in Pittsburgh, you can create the atmosphere that you love to be surrounded by, day and night. Take a look at our favorite tips for organizing your home:


Tips for Organizing Your Home


Decide What To Store: Before you start, it’s a good idea to “assess your mess” and make a decision about how much storage you may need. Go through each room and envision the bins you’ll need to keep everything clean and tidy, whether it’s cloth bins for your children’s toys or plastic bins for a food pantry.


Use Your Doors: Don’t underestimate the versatility of doors! The back of a door can be a life-saver. For instance, if a secondary bedroom is becoming tight, an over-the-door organizer, shoe rack, or hook rack will free up space while storing everything from shoes and jackets to hats, belts, scarves, and everything else.


Clean Your Closet: First things first, ask yourself: “Do I really need it?” Donate items you don’t wear or don’t make you feel great, and keep the items you love. (If you haven’t worn something in the past year, give it a new home!) You’ll be amazed at how much easier (and more enjoyable) it is to step into a clean, organized closet.


At Weaver Homes, we offer new homeowners the opportunity to meet with a closet company before you move in, so that you can customize your storage spaces to your exact liking. That way, you can be organized as soon as you move in. With this service, you are able to customize your laundry room, secondary bedroom closets, pantry, mudroom, or any other space that needs to stay neat and clutter-free.


Free Up Your Fridge: Now more than ever, takeout meals make your evenings so much easier. But because those boxes, containers, and bags take up so much space, make sure to put food in your own tupperware and label them with the date you ordered the food. You can also do a complete “refrigerator overhaul” — take everything out, throw old items away, and keep what you need.


Stay Trendy: A beautiful storage ottoman is not only a comfortable seat in your bedroom or family room, it’s a great way to keep items off the floor. Similarly, functional and stylish ladder shelves are perfect for picture frames, candles, succulents, watches and jewelry, books, and so much more.


Organize Recipes: You may have certain recipes that you can’t live without, but you don’t need whole cookbooks sitting in your kitchen. One way to free up extra space is to scan the recipes you use and love from cookbooks, cut out your favorites from magazines, and organize them into clear pages in a binder or folder.


Start Small: If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, a great way to destress is to do simple tasks (even as simple as making a bed or two)! A few quick ways to clear your home — and your mind — are to fluff up and organize the pillows on your couch, straighten up your rugs, dust off counters and windows, and wipe down tables.


Pittsburgh New Home Builders

We believe that great things are coming your way this year! With a little organizing in your spacious and comfortable home, you’ll feel energized and motivated at the start of every day. For more information about our new homes throughout Greater Pittsburgh, please contact us.

Free Up Space and Time by Right-Sizing Your Life

You’ve decided it’s the right time to right-size your life — congratulations! Your children have moved out, you don’t need that big house or want to do all that yard work, and you’re certainly ready for some “me-time.” You’re about to begin one of your greatest adventures yet! 


The smart choice of moving into a low-maintenance Lifestyle Community from Weaver Homes in beautiful Pittsburgh North gives you every opportunity to explore your passions, live leisurely, and meet new friends. In this article, we’re going to talk about simplifying your life — in other words, right-sizing your belongings.


Remember, stuff is just stuff, and objects don’t define us. In fact, letting go of items can be liberating.  Right-sizing is a lot like getting into shape — it takes time and work, but you feel incredible when you’re done. Most importantly, it will free up space and time to focus on what’s truly important to you.  


It’s never too early to start decluttering. Less stuff means less work and more room for new memories and experiences! We’ve put together some tips to get you started.


Tips to Right-Size Your Home


  • Remember: one room at a time. Start small and keep your focus on a single task, such as setting aside a few hours to clean out a closet or a set of drawers. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll make progress, which makes the rest of the process that much smoother.
  • When it comes to clothes, ask yourself: do I really need it? This will help you make definitive decisions about what goes and what stays. Create a “maybe” pile for useful articles of clothing that may be duplicates, items that are out of style, and clothes that you wear but not often. Then look at your closet without them — if you can see that keeping them would only create more work, they can successfully be donated or sold.
  • If you’re having a hard time giving things up, remember what William Morris said about the essence of decluttering: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” 
  • Emotional ties to items are normal. This is simply a part of the process, but remember that you don’t have to get rid of everything. Hand down precious items to your children and grandchildren, donate or sell what you don’t need, and keep what you love the most.
  • It’s 2021 — go digital! Photos, cards, scrapbooks, letters, and more can be scanned onto a computer or an external hard drive. This frees up a vast amount of space while keeping your things safe. Who knows, you may even impress your grandkids with your new computer skills! 

In no time, right-sizing your belongings leads to living in the expertly-crafted home in the exceptional neighborhood that you’ve always envisioned, surrounded by great friends, and doing the things you love (without wasting a moment on home repairs.) Best of all, Weaver Homes is here to help you throughout the entire process, to make it easy and enjoyable. Contact us to learn how!

Fun Holiday Recipes to Try This Season

‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry! After all, nothing brings your family closer than the holiday fare you love to share. From the smell of cookies cooling to the fizzle of a festive cocktail, your kitchen is where all the magic awaits! Take a look at a few of our favorite holiday recipes to enjoy in your Weaver home this year: 


Festive Guacamole Appetizers: Finally, you have permission to play with your food! These homemade tree-shaped tortilla chips look adorable with guacamole, star-shaped peppers, and pretzel tree trunks. 

Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread: Sweet, creamy, and perfectly dip-able, this easy appetizer only takes 10 minutes. You’ll combine cream cheese with dried cranberries, dried apricots, and orange zest, and voila.

Holiday Cheese Ball Wreath: A classic holiday wreath… but make it food! Deliciously savory and cheesy, make sure to snap a photo of this fun and festive appetizer before everyone dives in with crackers and bread.

Turkey Sliders: Who says you can’t enjoy turkey in all its glory after Thanksgiving? Perfect to munch on, this festive finger food is made with a tasty cream cheese mixture, cranberry, and as much turkey as you want.


Baked Ham With Brown Sugar Glaze: There’s nothing more comforting than a classic ham on Christmas. Covered in an irresistible, homemade glaze, this main dish is sure to spread love around the dinner table.

Beef Wellington: Believe it or not, this eye-catching, mouth-watering meal takes less than 2 hours to prepare! Center-cut tenderloin, spicy Dijon mustard, flavorful prosciutto, crispy puff pastry… yes, it’s award worthy.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts: A hearty side that’s just as healthy as it is delicious? Say hello to these roasted beauties that are seasoned to perfection  they’re the greatest sidekick to any main meal! 

Short Ribs with Creamy Polenta: Savory, tender, juicy… there aren’t enough adjectives to describe the deliciousness of this dish! Turn your favorite finger-licking ribs into a comfort food classic like no other. 


Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip: A dessert that you can dip into? Sign us up! This sweet and creamy mixture is the perfect appetizer or dessert, made with all of the festive holiday flavors you know and love.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes: The pumpkin love is more than welcome in the winter too! Classic cupcakes with a delectable cream cheese frosting are so much fun to enjoy while cozying up on the couch together.

Ugly Sweater Cookies: Who says you can’t match with your dessert?! Have everyone put on their best (and by that, we mean ugliest) sweater and gather around to decorate these fun gingerbread cookies! 

Chocolate Peppermint Brownies: Is there a better holiday pairing than chocolate and peppermint? Satisfy every taste bud with these rich and gooey brownies packed with classic candy cane pieces. 


Cranberry Mimosas: Raise your glass! These mimosas are almost as easy to make as they are to drink. Champagne mixed with tart cranberry juice and fresh cranberries makes for the perfect winter refreshment.

Baileys Coffee Slushies: What better way to start (or end) a night than with coffee? Spruce up your favorite beverage with Baileys, vodka, and milk, and add chocolate sauce, caramel, and whipped cream as garnishes.

Peppermint Julep (Mocktail): Made with peppermint simple syrup, cranberry ginger ale, crushed ice, and a candy cane garnish, this festive (and kid-friendly) drink is the perfect treat to sip on throughout the night. 

From all of us at Weaver Homes, we hope you enjoy a delicious holiday season!

Tour Our Homes YOUR Way

This holiday season, we invite you to spread the holiday cheer with us and tour our new homes… however you want to! Whether you prefer a self-guided tour or a private tour with a sales consultant, or even if you’d rather explore from the comfort of your couch, we have a variety of options available to fit your needs.

Virtual Tour: Your new home is just a click away. With fun and easy Matterport tours available, you can cozy up on the couch and browse our homes at your leisure and your own pace. 

Self-Guided Tour: With our on-demand, self-guided tours powered by UTour, you can explore our homes when it’s most convenient for you (even in the early mornings and after business hours). Once you select the home you want to tour on our site, you’ll reserve a one-hour window and receive a digital entry code to unlock the door.

Private Tour: If you want to tour a home with one of our sales consultants, you can schedule a safe, in-person tour that adheres to current guidelines. Everything will be sanitized regularly, and we ask that you wear a mask and maintain social distancing. 

At Weaver Homes, we want your new home search to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer flexible options that ensure your comfort while you find your dream home. No matter how you prefer to browse our homes, you can be sure that our team is available to assist you with anything you need.

If you’re looking ahead to the comfort and convenience of a new home in one of our lifestyle communities or single-family home communities in the Pittsburgh area, all of us at Weaver Homes can’t wait to meet you and get started! We look forward to guiding you along your new home process this holiday season. For more information about touring our homes, please contact us at 724-609-5261.

Meet Our Designer, Megan!

One of the best things about building a new Weaver home is picking out your custom selections with our talented designer, Megan (we like to call her our design guru)! An expert on all things home design, Megan will work closely with you in our First Impressions Design Studio to make sure your home looks and feels exactly the way you want it to, from your cabinets and lighting to flooring and fixtures. We sat down with Megan to give you an inside look into her career, her favorite trends, and what it’s like to design a home with her!

Tell us about yourself and your career.

I’m a native of Butler County and a Kent State grad. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs, and I enjoy family time most of all. (When I’m not spending time with my family, I’m a loyal CrossFit-er!)

How did you get into the design field?

I’ve always had an eye for design. After being a stay-at-home mom for over a decade, I was ready to get back to my passion. My sister and I had a “side” business of decorating/staging homes, but I was ready to tackle full-time designing again.

How long have you been at Weaver Homes?

5 years now!

What’s your favorite feature of the First Impressions Design Studio?

Definitely having all of the selections in one space, and the exclusivity of a one-on-one design appointment with me. There are no distractions. During your appointment, the studio is exclusively yours.

What’s your favorite design trend?

Lighter floors.

What’s your favorite part of working for a new home builder?

My favorite part about working with Weaver is the opportunity to build relationships with homeowners, and to make them feel special throughout the process. You will see the same faces and the same subcontractors throughout the build, and this is comforting to those building with us. We are involved from beginning to end.

If you want to get a first-hand feel for the process of designing a new Weaver home, Megan will be hosting a design studio open house on Saturday, November 21 from 12 to 4 pm. Make sure to save the date! This is the perfect opportunity to walk through the design studio and ask Megan all of your questions.

For more information, please contact us at 724-609-5261.

Fall 2020 Design Home Trends with Megan

At Weaver Homes, we believe that your living space should look and feel exactly the way you want it to, from the cabinets and lighting to flooring and fixtures. When you choose to build a new home with us, our talented and friendly design guru, Megan, will work closely with you in our First Impressions Design Studio to choose details that reflect your personal style, and most importantly, create your special place in the world. 

An expert on all things design, Megan is your trusted go-to for personalized selections as well as general home design inspiration. We sat down with her to discuss a few of her favorite design trends she’s seeing this year… take a look and get inspired by her unique vision!

What’s the most popular home trend you’ve seen this year? 

This year, I’m seeing a lot of oversized pendants over the kitchen island. As a gathering place for family and friends, whether to enjoy coffee in the morning or mingle during a dinner party or holiday celebration, this part of the kitchen is basically “the heart” of the heart of the home, and a large, stylish pendant above adds to that warm, inviting appeal.

What’s your favorite trendy color for fall? 

Definitely blush! Light colors (especially pink) have been popular in home design recently, and I love the fact that blush is both cozy and elegant. It’s also the perfect complement to a statement piece, allowing it to pop.

Are there any new offerings in the design studio (features, colors, options, etc.) that we should let people know about?

Absolutely! We now have new luxury vinyl choices in lighter colors that are very authentic and lovely.

What are some easy things homeowners can do to refresh their space for fall? 

This is an easy one. Paint changes everything! Try painting an accent wall to freshen up a room. Or how about your front door? Experimenting with a new color is always a great way to get inspired for other decor as well. 

What’s YOUR favorite trend? 

Lighter flooring. It’s modern and chic, and I love the way it makes me feel! 

If you’re ready to design and decorate a home that feels just like you, all of us at Weaver Homes can’t wait to get started! To learn more about our design process visit us at our upcoming Design Studio Open House on Saturday November 21st from 12-4 pm. For more information, please contact us at 724-609-5261.

Family BBQ Recipes to Try This Summer

Forget dining in a crowded restaurant — this summer, it’s all about the fun of cooking in your kitchen and enjoying company and sunshine on your patio! From brand new, stainless steel appliances to wide open space outside, your Weaver home is the hot eatery of the season. (Plus, no wait times and steep checks, of course.) Take a look at a few of our favorite recipes for a family BBQ to cook, serve, and enjoy this summer: 


Easy Caprese Quiche: Turn your favorite light and tasty summer salad into a morning treat!

Bananas Foster French Toast Kebabs: This “portable” delicacy is perfect for any brunch party.

Mini Pancake Tacos: They’re fruity, they’re sweet, and they’re almost too adorable to eat…

Mini Bagels and Lox: When you turn a brunch staple into finger food, you have a pleaser for any crowd.

Apps and Sides

Melon Prosciutto Skewers: Sophisticated and fun, these skewers are packed with the most incredible flavors.

Corn Salad: Nothing says summer quite like a classic corn salad mixed with your favorite add-ins.

Salmon Ceviche with Mango: Get fancy with this fine-dining dish that tastes even better when eaten at home!

Summer Cucumber Salad: Light, refreshing cucumbers covered in a silky sour cream sauce… say no more.

Main Dish

Grilled Margarita Pizza: This cheesy classic is so much fun to make (and even more fun to eat, of course).

Parmesan Chicken Cutlets: From the crispy coating to the juicy meat, this irresistible dish steals the show.

Summer Squash, Mint, and Pecorino Pasta: Light and flavorful pasta is perfect for an at-home date night.

Cherry Tomato Pasta with Lemony Breadcrumbs: Topped with burrata, this dish will melt any heart!

Grilled Chicken with Coconut-Lime Slaw: Simple to make and bursting with flavor, here’s your new go-to.

On the Grill

Grilled Moroccan Steak and Carrots: Get your grilling skills ready to cook this delectable steak to perfection! 

Black-Berry Glazed Chicken: Delicious, juicy chicken smothered in a sweet sauce redefines “winner winner…”

Grilled Hotdogs with Fixins: Spice up classic BBQ hotdogs with tangy horseradish, zesty pickles, and more! 

Chicken and Black Bean Nachos: Yes, nachos taste even better when melted to perfection on the grill…

Cocktails and Drinks

Grapefruit Sidecar: With cognac, grapefruit juice, and triple sec, this sweet and spicy drink is a summer hit.

Blueberry Ginger Cooler This fresh, fruity, and sparkling mocktail tastes like beach days and sunshine!

Strawberry Jalapeno Mint Julep: Add a little heat to your favorite classic cocktail and enjoy the mix of flavors.

Kiwi Mojito Mocktail: Beat the heat with this light and refreshing drink that’s just as pretty as it is tasty.


Cucumber Key Lime Pie: One forkful of this tangy and sweet pie and you’ll be in seventh heaven…

Blackberry Coconut Tart: Marry the unique flavors of blackberries and coconut and you have a winner.

Rocky Road Pie: Nothing says summer love quite like the mix of chocolate, peanuts, and marshmallows.

Gourmet S’mores: Bananas, peanut butter, strawberries, cinnamon marshmallows… need we say s’more?

From all of us at Weaver Homes, happy cooking!

New vs. Used: The Advantages of a New Weaver Home

At Weaver Homes, we believe your home should reflect you inside and out. And while a used home has all the “pieces,” it doesn’t have the heart. With a fresh, untouched home as your canvas, you finally get to put your wants and needs first — and make your home feel like home.

From all-new systems and energy-efficient features to modern finishes and stylish design, a beautiful new home in Pittsburgh makes life easier and more enjoyable every day. Take a look at the advantages of a new Weaver home vs. any used home you’ve seen before.

Buying a New Home vs. Used

Home Systems

Used: Old, antiquated systems that require repairs, and cause code concerns and maintenance issues
New: New plumbing, electric, heating, and cooling systems that run efficiently and give you peace of mind

Style and Design

Used: Design choices that reflect another family from another time
New: Wide open space, along with outdoor living areas, that allow you to incorporate your style and live comfortably (plus, you’ll make your own selections in our design studio)!

Floor Plan

Used: A layout that’s out of your hands and not reflective of your lifestyle
New: A modern plan chosen by you to fit your needs for number of bedrooms, bonus rooms, and beyond


Used: Competition from other potential buyers that can force you to raise your bid price
New: Purchase your new home at a set price, with no competition and zero stress — no more bidding wars!

Warranty Program

Used: Depending on its age, the home and everything in it are likely long past warranty coverage, so no warranties mean large repair bills
New: Peace of mind today, tomorrow, and down the line

Energy Efficiency

Used: Missing today’s energy energy that save you’re looking for
New: Expertly built with energy-efficient features to that save you money and keep you comfortable year-round

The Area

Used: An unfamiliar location that you didn’t necessarily want or choose
New: A desirable community complete with the contemporary amenities you love, near everything that you need

As you compare new construction vs. resale, be sure to consider just how much a high-end home will enhance your daily routine. Aside from saving you money in the long run, a new Weaver home lets you live the happier, healthier lifestyle you want and deserve. This summer, we’re saying “out with the old, in with the new”… there’s no better way to live your life.

For more information about our new homes throughout Pittsburgh, give us a call at 724-609-5261.

Buy Your Dream Home at a Historically Low Rate!


Open-concept design. High-end features and finishes. Unbelievably convenient location. There are so many reasons to choose a beautiful Weaver home in the Pittsburgh North neighborhood you love, and now you can add historically low interest rates to the list. You’ve got the buying power, and there’s no better time to use it!

Are you eager to cook in a wide open kitchen? How about enjoy the comfort of private outdoor space? Browse the diverse floor plans offered in our lifestyle and single-family-home communities, and envision the home you want to spend your days in. Our Weaver living spaces value exactly what you do: luxury, flexibility, and total convenience and comfort.

Today’s Home Mortgage Interest Rates

At this exact moment, you’re at an advantage in terms of what you can afford. With extremely low interest rates, you’re able to purchase the home you really want without having to stress over the finances. Locking in a desirable rate offers freedom of choice and peace of mind that you just can’t get otherwise.

Life in a brand new Weaver home is all about enjoying your personal routine without stress getting in the way… and a low interest rate on your mortgage will take your active and fulfilling lifestyle to a whole new level. If you buy now, the savings on your ownership speak for themselves.

Your dream home in Pittsburgh North is waiting for you at just the right time — this summer, choose the one you love the most, lock in a historically low interest rate, and it’s time to celebrate!

How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your New Home

As you’re getting ready to buy a new home, you’ve probably already got some ideas about the style, location, and size. Before you commit to a new home design, here are some suggestions on how to choose the right floor plan for your new home.

Design matters more than square footage. Of course, size matters when it comes to choosing a floor plan, but don’t be too committed to a particular measurement. Your new home should be “livable” for you, meaning a good flow and use of space. You might want to ignore anything under 2,000 square feet, for example, but that limit might cause you to miss out on a home that is so smartly designed that it feels much larger. Rather than square footage, set your priorities as to the type and number of rooms you want, along with a “general” idea of the total square feet of indoor living space you believe is right for you.

Stairs or no stairs? The ranch style is very popular now. Homeowners and their families enjoy living in a single-level home. Choosing a home without stairs is ideal for people who are thinking about aging in place or have any issues with navigating stairs.

A two-story home enables you to add more square footage without expanding your home’s footprint, so this design is a good choice when you need more space than you can accommodate nicely on one level.

Many single-level homes offer the option of adding a second-story bonus suite or room. This additional space allows for a second owner’s suite or just more living area, like a rec room, home office, family room, or hobby space.

Consider your lifestyle. People who enjoy socializing welcome the open floor plan. One wall-free space combines the kitchen, living room, and dining room—your main living area. It’s easy to spend time with your family and friends and continue the conversation even when you have to move from one room to the next.

Also determine whether you need a guest room or merely a room that can double as a bedroom when the need arises. If you’re not welcoming a steady stream of overnight guests, that room might be put to better use on a daily basis.

Don’t forget the functional spaces. Closets, bathrooms, laundry, mudroom, and the garage should be pondered now, before you choose your floor plan. Although small in relation to the rest of the home, you might later regret the lack of closet space or a cramped laundry room. Perhaps you’ll wish you had a powder room closer to the main living area. Ask yourself how these functional places impact your lifestyle so you can narrow your choices to the best floor plan for you.

Weaver Homes builds single-family homes with the low-maintenance lifestyle that frees you from most exterior chores, like lawn care and painting. We offer a wide variety of floor plans that are designed with lifestyle in mind—smart use of space, luxury amenities, and stylish details. Take a look at where we build and the home designs available.