Channeling the Irish Spirit at Home This St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is today, and it’s the perfect time to break out your green attire, and celebrate the Irish spirit of fun and tradition!

Why not celebrate this holiday with a traditional Irish-themed party for friends and loved ones? With a little effort, your party will be a memorable event featuring delicious Irish food and drinks.

There are simple baked treats like Irish soda bread or scones.  If you’re a little more ambitious, Irish pub foods like corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, or shepherd’s pie are always a big hit.  And you can always make green cookies or cupcakes with a bit of food coloring.

On the liquid side of things, options range from the sublime (Irish whiskey) to the ridiculous (green beer). Or you can try your hand at making a variety of Irish-themed drinks – Everybody’s Irish, the Irish Martini, or Irish Eyes. (If you serve drinks with green coloring, make sure you protect rugs and furniture from spills… otherwise you’ll have green everywhere!)

A St Patrick’s Day blast is also an excuse to step up the bar in your basement! In honor of the occasion, install a Kegerator or a beer cellar.  (A steady stream of Guinness would not go amiss.)

However you celebrate, remember to raise a toast by saying “Sláinte!” (Cheers in Gaelic), and to express your love for the Emerald Isle with a hearty “Érin go Brágh!” (Ireland Forever in Gaelic.) 

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