Follow Through with Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a time-honored tradition to make resolutions for the new year. We vow to improve ourselves – to eat healthy, exercise more… the list is endless. This year, take the initiative and see how many resolutions you can keep – right from the comfort of your own home!

  • 1. Eat healthier – Load up the fridge with lots of fruits and veggies. Vow to cut back on take-out and fast food. Take the time to sit down and eat with the family. (It’s healthier and good for the kids!)
  • 2. Exercise more – Take advantage of your bonus room and turn it into a yoga studio. Or a mini gym. And schedule time to exercise every day. No excuses!
  • 3. Spend more time with family – Schedule family dinners, game nights, movie nights – whatever your family likes. Hunker down in the family room with some popcorn and a plan to spend uninterrupted time together as a family.
  • 4. Read more – You know that pile of books that’s been sitting unread for ages? Create a reading nook for yourself. Find a comfy chair, a good light and a shelf or table, and settle in. (Don’t be surprised if you keep finding kids in your nook, though!)
  • 5. Get organized – Declutter your drawers and desk. Sort paperwork, bills, mementos and mail. Find a spot in the kitchen or office that’s just for paperwork & bills, and create a system for sorting things as soon as they come in. Clean out the closets – and see how much space you have!
  • 6. Create & follow a budget – Get yourself on a healthy fiscal track. Once you have your bills sorted (#5), then you can create a budget to track your spending habits.

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