Home for the Holidays

Imagine… it’s the perfect snow day or lazy afternoon during winter break for the kids; the snow is blissfully falling outside as you sip your hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire. This typical holiday scene is almost always too good to be true, often interrupted by frantic children or the electricity going out. But you still crave that moment of winter serenity where you can finally enjoy the beauty of the holiday season. Here are a few simple ways to enjoy peace this winter.

Winter Wonderland – Create your own winter wonderland in your home to keep your kids’ imagination flowing and entertained. Snow days are the perfect time to build forts with bed sheets and read books by flashlight.

Christmas Lights – Prepare beforehand, for snowstorms and blizzards by keeping extra water bottles, batteries, and blankets around the house. Early preparation can make that disastrous power outage all the less stressful.

Frosty the Snowman – …Should stay outside! All too often our floors become sopping wet with melted snow from snow boots trekking across the hallway. Invest in a shoe and coat rack and keep them, and the wet boots and coats, in your garage in order to prevent unnecessary mopping after shoveling and frolicking outside.

Chestnuts roasting – Whether by an open fire or you are decorating gingerbread houses, cooking and baking are the perfect holiday activities to keep you and your family’s faces smiling and your stomach’s full.

Whatever activities you choose to do this winter, we hope that it brings happiness and joy to you and your family!

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