How Megan Prazer Defines the Difference

From the beginning as a specialist in high-end fashion, Megan Prazer learned the ins and outs of working to help clients make the right style choices to fit their personality. It is not that far off from choosing luxury home materials with new homebuyers to personalize their home. The details define the difference, and Weaver Homes is all about the details, especially with Megan Prazer, Design Studio Coordinator.  Megan loves working with clients and gets excited to help new homeowners make short work of choosing finishes that match their needs, style and design appeal to create their dream home. The First Impressions Design Studio is a homebuilder’s dream showroom that sets Weaver Homes apart from other area builders. Here you can put all of the pieces to your design puzzle together and for an interactive view of what your home will become.

Megan is responsible for selecting finishes and staging all of Weaver Homes’ models in addition to working with every single buyer to make personal choices for their future home.  Megan likes that her job allows her to use her extensive product knowledge and friendly people skills to help clients make choices that reflect their personality. Her love of creativity and shopping are added bonuses: “Working with homeowners is truly the perfect fit for me. Together we make it happen. Over the years, I have met and worked with the most amazing, interesting people. I listen, I am patient, I am interested in what the customers have to say. I want everyone that walks through our doors at Weaver Homes to feel welcome and fully appreciated for trusting us to build their dream home.”

Weaver Homes is grounded in the beliefs of Quality*Local*Tradition and Megan Prazer exemplifies all of these characteristics.  Being a native of Southern Butler area, she currently lives in Mars with her three children and two Weimaraner’s.  Megan volunteers in the local Mars community, and it is important for her customers to have a great experience as most likely she will bump into them at the grocery store, at church or even Cross Fit. Her approachable style mixed with a thorough understanding of current design trends, helps her to guide every new homeowner through making choices that are right for their families. Megan makes the process seamless, fun and clear every step of the way and loves every minute of the job she does!

Experience what Weaver Homes quality looks like with Megan Prazer at the First Impressions Design Studio located at 361 Mars-Valencia Road Mars, PA 16046.  Visit our open houses every weekend.