Now Is A Great Time To Buy A New Home!

Now that the uncertainty of the last few years seems to be lifting, home builders are developing great new homes that reflect the new face of home buying. And new home buyers are benefiting from inventive designs and historically low interest rates.

As their financial situations stabilize, many Americans are thinking about buying a home. Pending home sales are at a 6-year high, while mortgage rates are at 50-year lows! This presents a great opportunity for potential home buyers.

Additionally, as the housing market has changed, builders have adjusted their product designs accordingly. For example, the call for smarter, more energy-efficient homes represents a hard truth: It costs a lot to build – and maintain – a home. From tighter lending to material costs to heating and cooling, homes can be expensive propositions. In many markets, new home plans feature smart designs where the space is better utilized. These homes have floor plans that are flexible, spacious and sustainable, with less wasted space and materials. That means more usable living space and lower maintenance costs.

Weaver Homes has a variety of affordable Energy Star certified designs on offer – from patio homes and villas, to two-story single family homes. If you’re sitting on the fence, don’t wait too long. Now really is a great time to buy a new home at Weaver Homes.

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