Meet the Closing Team: Bonnie and Jenn

Buying a new home can involve many steps to get from contract to closing. Often, this means that different people are involved in various phases, making it challenging to keep up with who does what, and who needs which information. At Weaver Homes, we make closings easy. We have a dedicated, in-house closing team that you’ll meet at the very beginning of your journey, and they’ll stay with you until closing day and even beyond. Meet your closers: Bonnie and Jenn!

Meet Bonnie Weaver

Bonnie Weaver is Vice President of Weaver Homes and takes pride in working with such an incredible team every day. She is one of the “faces of the company” and takes each customer’s happiness to heart. That’s why she is the one to reach out to new homeowners and schedule their walk-through and closing dates. 

“I enjoy speaking with each homeowner about their building experience, answering any questions, and letting them know that everyone in our organization is involved in getting them to the finish line of their beautiful new home — the closing!”

If a customer is financing their new home with a mortgage, Bonnie also reaches out to the lender and settlement company to make sure the closing is on track and on everyone’s calendars. She is an integral part of making sure closings happen on time and as expected.

Meet Jenn Mion

Jenn Mion is Weaver Homes’ Sales and Settlement Coordinator and is involved with every home from the time of sales agreement to closing. Throughout the construction process, Jenn maintains the closing file to make sure all change orders, deposits, and necessary paperwork are properly accounted for and organized.

Jenn also talks with lenders and appraisers for every home that is financed with a mortgage. She completes lender questionnaires for condominium projects and provides appraisers the necessary information they need, as well as access to each home so they can complete their work. She coordinates with the local post offices and waste removal companies to make sure that homeowners have a seamless transition into their new homes. In other words, she makes sure that your closing happens on time with no surprises or hiccups.

“It’s so important that our customers feel confident and knowledgeable about the closing process. My job is to remove all the stress so they can focus on the most important thing — moving into their beautiful new homes!”

On the day of closing, Jenn’s is the familiar face you’ll see sitting across from you at the closing table! She, along with a settlement attorney from the closing company, will be there to walk you through every step of the process — she’s in your corner! After signing the paperwork, Jenn carefully reviews the warranty process and the homeowners’ package with you so that you are well prepared for move-in day. She’ll also provide you with keys for the pool, clubhouse and mailboxes if your community has these.

Both Bonnie and Jenn recognize the magnitude of buying a new home and do everything possible to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience possible. For more information, read about our Buying Process, Building Process, and Beyond Process